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fashion_skooled's Journal

for students and those who are working in fashion

a community for fashion students
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This was made mainly to attract fashion merchandising/management/marketing/journalism/etc majors, rather than design majors- just because in comparison, design students seem easier to come across. Of couse fashion design students are still very welcome to join!

If you have graduated or are currently working in a fashion related field (sorry, this does not include working at your mall), you are incredibly welcome to join us!

so yes...when you join, i suggest you do the following:

- perhaps post a photo of yourself
- give us your name
- your major and school
- what you are planning to do with your major
- a few random or not so random things about yourself

In this community you can discuss anything fashion related, however this does not mean you should make posts about what you wore today or what you bought recently -- unless it honestly has something to do with what this community is about. This community is not about asking for help with matching your shoes to your dress.

In this community post such things like:
news on trends, designers, fashion mergers, what you've learned in school recently, requests for information, general fashion discussion, etc.