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Hey everyone!
i recently just stumbled over this site will looking for my college on lj and had to join!

My name is Sarah, i`m 18 and am currently studying Fashion Business at FBI Fashion College in Sydney, Australia.
I'm hoping to get into Styling but am also really interested in Fashion Journalism so you never know :)
can't wait to meet everyone!

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you're from Sydney! haha... awesome!
I've heard of your college, it is in Glebe isn't it?
I am at UTS doing the bachelor of design in fashion and textiles, first year that is!
I know a girly at your college, but she's in second year, so you probably won't know her.
are you enjoying it?
oh you're from Syd too?! cool cool!
yeah my college in on Glebe Point Rd, i'm really liking it - so much fun hehe.
What's your course like? i'm actually thinking about maybe doing it after i finish at FBI - not that i need too, just to have a little more knowledge.
Do you live on campus or you have your own place?
yer, a bit tough for me to settle into university life from the start, but i'm doing what I love! haha.
we do like patternmaking, sewing, fashion & design theory, illustration & computing at the moment, but it gets better next year when we sub-major & have electives.
how about you? what do you do? there it's only businessy isn't it?
I have my own place, though I'd love to live on campus!!! don't know many people that do it though, it's expensive...and mainly filled with all those international students. ergh.
yea we're not really into the sewing/pattern making side etc. last few classes i've done have been fashion buying, fashion styling, selling & customer relations, financial planning & funding, successful designing etc.
we do have a fashion design course as well, and u can take both so some girls will be studying the design side also.
yea, i thought it would be expensive on campus at UTS, my boyfriend's an international student at Newcastle Uni and he pays a fortune to stay there...and i'm sure its more expensive for us locals.
hey! im only in year 11 and i reallly want to get into fbi when schools over. can you give me any advice on how to get into that school and how i can increase my knowledge in the fashion business. i read vogue and watch fashion tv religiously and i have a genuine interest in being a designer just none of my friends know anything about it!
hey! so u're in year 11? what school are you at..? it's good you already know exactly what you want to do & what college you want to go too - lol i was really confused until the last term of Year 12 when i found FBI.
So you want to do design? I actually do business but I think the entry requirements are pretty similiar.
All you really need is an interest in the industry, be able to speak/write English at a Year 12 level (which is obvious you can anyway) and do a design or business knowledge test.
The test is pretty easy and you do it at home anyway so it's not like an exam or anything.
Also, they make you go in for an interview just to see what you're like etc.
Are you studying D&T or anything at school at the moment?
Don't worry if you're not - my school didn't really offer any type of Design or Arts course for me to take (i live on the Central Coast and we have hardly nothing) and it's not a requirement to get in.
It's good you're reading up your Vogue & watchin FTV cos it's the best way to stay in the loop.
Also, I recommend trying to find some books on Fashion (Borders has a good selection) and knowledge of designers is also good too.
The teachers are pretty big on home-grown designers and companies so ... finding out some info on Aussies in the industry is probably a good idea.
if you havent been on the FBI site the address is www.fbifashioncollege.com.au.
good luck and make sure you let me know how you go! ;)
this is REALLY old, do you still check LJ?
is there anyway that i could talk to you about FBI?
anyway i could email you or anything?


May 14 2007, 08:29:57 UTC 10 years ago

hey its me lol i cant be bothered signing in.. my email is luvleemi@hotmail.com if u still wana ask me some questions bout fbi!
i'll get back to u as soon as i can.