flo (balletto) wrote in fashion_skooled,

help! ♥

I graduated this summer in public relation and I need some adivices :) !
first of all, sorry for my english, I'm Italian..but I'm going to take some english class at british council this year, hopefully it will improve.

I'd like to apply for the 'fashion journalism and lifestyle" PG certificate at LCF next year, but I'm also searching for other similar certificates that doesn't necesseraly require a 7.5 IELTS for English.
Does anyone know it there are any other 5/6 months certificates in fashion like: fashion stylism, fashion journalism, cool hunting that I could apply for in England?
I would be extremly grateful if someone could help me..I'm searching on ucas but it seems that it's only for undergraduate and I already did 3 years here in Italy. :)

thank you!!
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